Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weight Woes

This morning between heavy downpours I was able to get in a short jog.  Many mornings, especially if I want to take a run, Kevin and I work it out so we'll both get to exercise.  We just have to plan ahead of time.  He will run while I give CJ his first feeding of the day, and then we'll switch.  I haven't been able to exercise nearly as much as before getting pregnant- but I'm glad that I have found time to fit in some jogging or yoga.  After my run this morning, I weighed myself and  "furthered" my lack of progress in the past month.  At my 6 week check-up, I had lost 30 lbs since CJ was born.  Since then, not much.  I know it's going to take awhile to lose all of the baby weight, but no progress in a month?  What about all of the weight I am supposed to lose because of breastfeeding?  What about the exercising and eating fairly healthy?  We are not going out to eat nearly as much as we did before the baby, and we have rarely gotten take out.  I am probably even eating just as good if not better being at home than at work- there is no chocolate covered popcorn being passed around at lunch to accompany my healthy soup, and I am not coming home at the end of the day ravenous.  I really do not have time during the day to even snack.  Ugh!!! As Kevin said, I think our bodies just want to gain weight.  So, unfortunately, I am going to only bake when there are more than two people that will enjoy the food.  I will just focus my cooking on healthy meals.  I will try to add some more time onto my run.   Today I made  minestrone for lunch- a recipe from Cooking Light-

More on the weight issue as the year progresses- hopefully I will be able to fit into more than just my prepregnancy workout pants soon!

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