Friday, September 2, 2011


I love to cook and bake.  I really did not start to cook meals other than mac and cheese and Hamburger Helper until after Kevin and I started dating.  We both gained a good amount of weight since we were going out to eat a lot so something needed to be done.  I bought a Cooking Light cookbook, and now I can cook a lot more than just entrees from a box.  Today I decided to bake zuchinni not bread cookie sandwiches, a recipe I got out of Martha Stewart Living.  They have zuchinni, walnuts, and oats- so of course they are healthy!  I started making them during CJ's afternoon nap, and of course as luck would have it I was not finished by the time he woke up.  I finally finished them around 8PM- after mixing/baking a little bit here and there when I was not holding CJ or making dinner. Considering CJ also only let me do 10 minutes of yoga this morning, I am really looking forward to putting CJ on a schedule.  I am too Type A to not have one.  At least the cookies (and the Pumpking Beer) were good once I finally got to try one!

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