Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holidays and Milestones

Because we are now in the midst of the (sort of) cold and gray winter, most of my 365 Day Project pictures will be of CJ inside the house.  Not that I haven't been taking enough pictures of him anyway.  I don't feel guilty, though, we just celebrated Christmas for the first time with CJ and he is hitting some major milestones with more just around the corner!  And, speaking of milestones, we are just around the halfway points to CJ's first birthday and the school year.  I can't believe he is already 6 months old! 

This year we decided to spend Christmas in Syracuse.  Sadly, it was not a White Christmas (I think at that point they only had had 2 inches of snow for the season), but I think we made the best of it.  :) 

Christmas Eve at Kevin's Aunt Ann's house
Christmas Morning.  CJ just really wanted the box, not the actual toy. 

Our Goddaughter Alana and her brother "Little" Anthony.  He is only 1 month older than CJ but weighs 5lbs more.  What a meatball! 

Babies playing at our friend Jeff's house

CJ loves to listen to Kevin talk.  But who doesn't?
The Wednesday after Christmas we headed back south to Virginia, while my parents and sister headed up north to us to celebrate Christmas, part 2.  As on Christmas morning, CJ was interested in putting everything, especially the boxes, in his mouth so of course that was amusing.  I can't wait though until he really understands what is going on in a year or two.  Ironically it started snowing in Virginia as we were opening the presents. 
My parents offered to watch CJ on New Year's Eve, which Kevin and I gratefully accepted.  We made reservations to eat dinner at Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg and then after that we were just going to see what was going on at other places.  We wanted to stay in town to eliminate the need to drive anywhere, knowing that we could walk home even if we just had a few drinks.  Dinner was absolutely amazing and after we hung out at their bar to watch the end of the not so absolutely amazing Chick fil A Peach Bowl that UVA lost.  It was 11:00 and we decided to check out what else was open in Leesburg, hoping to ring in the new year at Fireworks or the Wine Kitchen.  Turns out, NOTHING was open.  The place was dead.  I guess that is what we get living way out in the suburbs.  It was a mild evening though so we walked to our friend Caroline and Chris' house where they were having a get-together.  This just reminded me that hanging out with friends is just as fun (if not better) than be crammed into a bar and paying up the wazoo for drinks. 
With the New Year, CJ got a new item added to his routine- solid foods!  So far he has eaten everything we have given him, although it took 3 days for him to develop a palette for peas. 
First time!  I think he's a little confused...

Now he's a pro!

First night eating peas.  The expression says it all. 

 CJ is also ready to move- putting weight on his feet when held up, getting up on his hands and knees and scooting backward (he is so cute when he wiggles his butt in the crib) and now finally sitting up for long periods of time with no support.  Sitting up will open a whole new world of cute pictures!!  I just need to get better taking pictures with no flash indoors.  He now anticipates it and just shuts his eyes, but a moving baby + not ideal lighting = blurry pictures.
Putting some weight on my feet!
I don't need no stinkin' blanket to prop me up!
Up on my hands and knees!

And... the wine rack is replaced by a toybox.  Sigh.

So happy to be sitting up!

Please don't use the flash. 

Can I drink these blocks?

So yes, I've already taken too many pictures of CJ sitting up, with the same background but different sweatpants/lounging outfit.  Maybe I need to dress him in something cute and take him to a different part of our house. 

One more daily picture from the last few weeks, and one to satisfy all of you foodies out there- we decided on Saturday to take a day trip up to Baltimore (it was 65 degrees, we couldn't stay around the house!) and try one of the chow down joints featured on the Travel Channel and Food Network.  My new obsession with all things  about cooking and food and both me and Kevin's obsession with lists and going out to eat have led us to yet another list (in addition to Kevin's 125 Places to Drink a Beer List).  This was a Countdown on the Travel Channel- 101 Places to Chow down.  We went to #63- Chaps Charcoal Restaurant.  They specialize in Pit Beef.  I had just regular Pit Beef Sandwich and Kevin ordered "The Raven" which was beef, turkey, and corned beef sub.  We shared a small order of cheese fries.  Don't get me wrong, we were very satisfied, but I don't think we would drive over an hour to eat there again.  It is very close to I-95, so it would be a good place to stop if you are driving through Baltimore.  Afterwards, we met up with coworker of Kevin's at Max's Tap House in Fells Point, a very quaint section of Baltimore.  We had a couple of beers and maxed out CJ's patience.  It was a nice outing for a beautiful day- now to tackle my cold weather in-house projects list. 
Mmmm... pit beef and cheese fries.