Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew.  The past 5 weeks have been quite the whirlwind of visiting family or traveling.  It's been a nice change of pace for me and CJ, but now I'm happy to not have any set plans for the next few weekends.  Here's an update of all we've done.  Since I haven't posted in almost a month, I'm not going to include all of my 365 project photos- just the pertinent ones. 

First of all, throughout the past several weeks, CJ has become more and more mobile.  We now have to move our ottoman in front of the step into our kitchen from our family room since he can climb over it.  He also is pulling himself up and as of yesterday even started cruising along the furniture.  I'm sure he'll be walking soon, and I don't care what anyone says, I can't wait.  It will be so nice to not have to carry him all the time.  Our 2-year-old neighbor REALLY wants to be able to play with him as well outside (and crawling around on the street can't be good for the knees).

Beatrice love to play with CJ!  If only he could run around with her!
Easter weekend Kevin's parents and sister came down from Syracuse to see us (but mostly the Little Man).  We spent one nice afternoon at Sunset Hills Winery.  CJ was not happy that he could not partake in the wine and cheese so he instead went to town on Grandpa's hair...

The next weekend in my cousins came to visit from Pennsylvania.  CJ had a great time playing with Sarah (almost 2).
My parents were also up at the same time, so CJ and I rode back to North Carolina with them that Monday.  We stayed in Elizabeth City until Thursday when we drove over to their condo in Nags Head.  Kevin drove down after work Thursday and we came home Sunday.  With not working, it was nice to have the flexibility to get some quality time with the 'rents during the week! 
Hanging out at the Elizabeth City Waterfront

Turtles at the pond in my parents' backyard
The last time we were at the beach with CJ was in September, when he was just about 3 months old.  Everything is so different now!  We only went down to the actual beach once during that trip because it was very rainy.  Even then I was so nervous about CJ getting sandy- and it didn't matter because he just laid on a beach towel anyway.  Not this time!  He was ready to explore in the sand, and seemed to love it!

Dad and I ran the First Flight 5K on Saturday.  It was Dad's very first 5K and he kicked butt!  It was a beautiful day, and a very nice race.  Sunday Kevin ran the Flying Pirate Half Marathon and unfortunately had to run in the poring rain.  He still finished though, with an awesome time as usual.
 The next weekend Kevin and I headed down to Charlottesville for our annual Foxfield trip.  Foxfield is a horse race held outside of Charlottesville every year.  We use it an excuse to have a reunion of sorts with VA Pep Band friends.  For the past 6 years a bunch of us have rented the same house to stay in for the weekend, and I would argue that hanging around the house Friday and Saturday is just as fun as the horse race itself. Unfortunately this year was a bit cold and damp, but we made the best of it!
All of us who stayed in "Cat Pee Manor" (don't ask) this year
Kevin's parents came all the way down from Syracuse to watch CJ for that weekend, so it was me and Kevin's first couple nights away from him!  It was very much needed, and we hope to make a point of trying to do more nights away here and there.  It's important to have time away from diapers and baby food!  
I definitely missed this little goober!
Finally, this past weekend we went to Rochester/Syracuse.  Kevin needed to go up to RIT for an alumni board meeting being held on Friday, so he flew up Thursday night.  I drove up with CJ on Friday.  I think CJ is getting used to being in the carseat for several hours because he did much better this weekend traveling than he did coming home from NC.  Although he still cried here and there, he didn't give me death stares like he did after sitting in I95 traffic.  

Friday night we met up with our friends Karl, Kelley, Matt, Lisa, and their kids Ian and Sasha at a cool Irish pub in the cute little town of Fairport.  
CJ and Ian
Saturday morning we had breakfast with our friend Mike and then walked around RIT's campus to check out their Innovation Festival.  Of course we got our picture with Richie the Tiger.  
CJ took his afternoon nap in the car as we drove to Syracuse.  Kevin's parents barbequed and Anthony and Cami (CJ's godparents) and their kids Alana (our goddaughter) and "little" Anthony also joined us.  All of the kids (sort of) played together and our little shy and timid Alana is now an energetic, outgoing toddler!  
Well, at least two of them are looking at the camera.
Finally, Sunday we visited Kevin's Grandmother.  She was so happy to see him!  
Then we headed home.  CJ has been such a trouper throughout all of these trips and disruptions to his schedule- he is becoming a bit more flexible.  We have learned that in the car we need to keep lots of little toys to pass back to him when he starts to fuss and to have snacks handy.  We also need to pack a lunch for long trips and not drink anything since stopping can wake him up.  Finally, we also have learned that eventually we will need a bigger car.  Let's see how my Civic will handle the 3 of us, our stuff for a week and kayaks when we travel up to the Adirondacks at the end of June!