Monday, September 12, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Food, drink, and nature.  I love the first warm night in the spring when we ask to be seated outdoors at a restaurant.  Some of the best afternoons Kevin and I have had were just sitting outside with a drink and some appetizers either at a bar/restaurant, winery, or even out in our backyard.  I've definitely missed these afternoons over the past year- I wasn't drinking, and even if I would have had a glass I would have been too uncomfortable sitting out all afternoon when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy.  We did go out to some nice dinners right before CJ was born- so I got my "foodie" fill.  After a couple of months of living off of food in the freezer and taking turns holding the baby while the other eats the meal, I can now enjoy a glass of wine here and there (in nicer weather no less) and we can take CJ out to places.  I am also cooking much more.  Saturday Kevin grilled salmon and I made a chile lime sauce and mac salad from the Dinosaur BBQ cookbook (one of our favorite restaurants up in Syracuse).

Sunday we decided to drive to one of Loudoun County's 30 or so wineries- Sunset Hills near Purcellville.  We had heard that it was really nice and we wanted to take advantage of the pleasant weather (considering the wash-out of the past week!).  We weren't disappointed.  The wine was good, staff were very friendly, and the view was beautiful.  We enjoyed their Sunset White and bread and warm brie with honey.  CJ enjoyed a nap. 

We had one of the staff members take a family picture.

Today for the first time in over a week I was able to go out for a walk with CJ.  I'm just loving these nice days!  We walked by some interesting bushes on the way so those are today's pictures. 


  1. All these pictures are awesome and the food is making me hungry!!!

  2. I was looking at the family picture again today and I can't believe how mature CJ looks. Even though he has the face of a baby, his eyes and expression seem like they belong to an adult.