Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Been a Year!

Forgive me, first of all, for not having posted on this blog since May.  It's been a busy summer!
August 29, 2011

One year later

I can't believe that I started this blog a year ago.  I just went through all of the pictures taken for my 365 Day Project (sadly, there weren't 365 pictures though) and marvel at how much CJ has changed over the past year.  Crazy!  I have also learned so much about myself and being a mother in the past 365 days.  As CJ enters Toddlerhood I am learning more and more about parenting everyday- and I guess this will continue, well, forever.

So, general update since the last post:

I have been cooking A LOT this summer.  We decided to join Great Country Farms' CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where every week CJ and I drive to Blumont and pick up a box of produce from the farm.  We also have a U-Pick bonus every week- a plus since we opted to pick the boxes up as opposed to having them a delivered.  We have not been inundated with produce as much as I thought we would, but we still have enough to keep me busy with planning and cooking different dishes to make sure we use up all of the fruits and veggies.

At the end of June, we traveled up to Old Forge, NY in the Adirondacks for our annual Swift-Sheldon vacation.  It was nice to enjoy the lake and mountains with family.  At the end of the week, we celebrated CJ's first birthday in Syracuse.  The Little Man is entering Toddlerhood.
Funny Family Picture with the stuffed wolf that was found in our lakehouse

He wanted more cake after his first piece

Speaking of which, I do have (almost) a Toddler on my hands.  The reason for the "almost" is because CJ is not quite walking yet.  Although he has been cruising since May, he is quite happy walking on his knees.  That's right.  His KNEES.  Although it's quite normal for babies to not start walking until well after their first birthday, many of my fellow mom friends have commented that they haven't seen too many kids walk on their knees as CJ does.  I guess he just wants to be unique.  :)  Last week, however, he did start walking with the help of a push-toy.  He actually can walk all the way down to the end of our street and almost all the way back!  I know once he gets that confidence to let go he will start running.

We have been filling up our days with playdates, walks, projects around the house, and other outings.  I truly am amazed that Labor Day weekend is approaching, school has started, and I am in my second year of being a Stay At Home Mom.  Even with the tough days where I feel like all I am doing is calming a screaming child (CJ does not just cry or whimper, he lets it ALL out) and cleaning up food, life is pretty darn good.
Ahh, toddlers. 

So, what I have I learned this year?
  • 365 Day Projects are hard.  I didn't count, but I would say my project was probably a 330 Day Project.  I got lazy this summer (with taking pictures, that is).
  • Babies are unpredictable.  Some days I can check off everything on a To-Do List, other days, nothing gets done for various reasons.  For example, I am not supposed to be sitting on my deck right now writing.  All plans for today were cancelled because CJ woke up with his first fever (I think due to teething, hopefully).  
  • Patience is essential for being a parent.  I think dealing with teenagers has helped with this, but there are somedays that it gets the best of me.  I hope CJ forgives me for leaving the kitchen when he suddenly stopped letting us feed him one morning and I just dumped the cottage cheese on his tray, gave him a spoon, and went to another room and cried while he screamed.  
  •  It is very important to get out of the house- and I mean this in several ways.  CJ and I.  Myself.  Myself and other moms.  Kevin and I.  Kevin.  I don't think I need to elaborate. 
  • We are SOOOOO lucky to have a good sleeper.  I know we may not be so lucky with the next kid, but I am glad I have not spent my first year of being a parent feeling the need to nap everytime CJ naps (only sometimes :) ).  It has allowed me to be so much more productive.
  • I know I have and some days still do struggle with my choice of being a Stay At Home Mom, but I am now proud of my choice and know I am doing what is right for our family.  Someday, I am sure I will venture back into that crazy world of teaching high school.  For now, though, I'll get my experience with the younger ones.

What should I do about this blog?  It was started to document my life as a new SAHM and to show some of my pictures taken for my 365 Day Project.  Well, the project is over and I am not a new SAHM anymore.  I don't think I should discontinue blogging though.  Over the past few weeks especially I have become quite obsessed with following several blogs catering to all my different interests- parenting, food, photography, travel, etc.  I think I am going to continue to blog, hopefully more frequently than the past few months, and just write whatever inspires me that day.  Maybe I took a really good picture that day.  Or cooked/baked something awesome that I want to share.  Maybe I have a question about how to handle a toddler.  Or just have a thought about anything.  We'll see how it goes.  Now, to think of a title since I don't have a "New Job" anymore... some of the blog names are so creative but the only title I came up with is "Type A Mama."  Ha.  Well, I am Type A.  My name starts with A.  That's the best I've got.  :)

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend!  When the inspiration hits me, I will post again, under the new title!