Monday, September 19, 2011

Time To Get Snuggly

Last Wednesday, my friend Becky from college came to visit.  I took her to Doukenie Winery out in Western Loudoun County and although the wines were mediocre, the winery itself was beautiful.

CJ was very well behaved, but it was 90 degrees and I think the heat made him a little cranky as we downed our glasses of Vidal Blanc. 

The next day was 20-30 degrees cooler!  It truly felt like a fall day and as the day continued our house got cooler and cooler.  I decided to put CJ to bed in a snuggly sleeper instead of just a onesie.
 For dinner I made comforting beef bourguignon.  Recipe
The next day was still chilly and we needed to run some errands.  I realized that all of CJ's 3 month-sized clothes were for warmer weather!  I ended up putting a hoodie on him that was size 6 months, and it worked just fine. 

I just can't justify buying more 3 month clothing when he will be growing out of it soon!  There are so many cute outfits that I know CJ will only wear once or twice, and some not at all.  For someone who has clothes from 10 years ago that are still worn, this drives me crazy.  So on Saturday, I decided to dress CJ up in a cute outfit that he had not worn yet for the Bluemont Fair.  It was supposed to be a little warmer so I thought he could pull off the overalls and then put on a hoodie if it was too chilly.  We were all getting ready to go and it started to rain.  Poor Little Man was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Me, being Weather Channel-obsessed and not happy to change plans at the last minute, was pissed.  My handy dandy Weather Channel and Weatherbug phone apps did NOT indicate rain.  So, I went to the Outlet Mall to buy my own fall clothes in a different size than my 10 year old clothes (very sad) while Kevin watched football (UNC beat UVA, also very sad and quite pathetic). 

We did get to the Bluemont Fair yesterday and CJ had a blast. 

The weather was much nicer, and after perusing through crafts and buying some local honey, we decided to visit Bluemont Vineyard.  Again, mediocre wines, but stunning view-

Fall has definitely come, although just in time to go the beach on Wednesday...


  1. That picture at Bluemont that you took using your phone actually came out quite well.

  2. We did the exact same thing: tried to go to the Bluemont Fair on Saturday and got rained out! We didn't get a chance to go back on Sunday though.