Friday, March 22, 2013

Our New Kitchen!

We have been back to normal for a few weeks now, but it took awhile for our lights to come in and be installed, so I am finally going to post pictures of our new kitchen!  After talking about it for 2 years, we took the plunge and replaced our cabinets, put in granite countertops, a backsplash, and replaced all of our appliances (except the dishwasher).  We even had a gas line run so we could have a gas cooktop!  The project only took 2 weeks and a couple of days- pretty quick compared to the 4-6 weeks other companies were telling us, but I feel like quality was not compromised.  And, holy crap I would have punched someone if I had to stay holed up in that basement for much longer.  Especially with the weather not being conducive to spending any time outside.  Here are the before pictures:

 Clutter on the counters!! UGH!
 Complete waste of space.  We have an office, so we didn't need the extra desk so we just put crap on it.  Unfortunately, we still need a place to put crap (mail, etc) so we gave ourselves extra work by having to reorganize the office when we changed this area. 
 HATED this refrigerator.  No freezer space whatsoever.
Oven/stove was okay, but microwave was not user-friendly, and too close to the stove.  

 They had the kitchen demoed in about 2 hours! 
 Apparently our kitchen (originally?) had wallpaper and linoleum. 
Fun in our cave-
 Make-shift ball pit
 A little bit more TV than usual
This picture was taken at the end of the 2 weeks.  I think CJ was about as done as I was. 

But it was all worth it!  

Our pantry is very tiny so the cabinets on the left are more pantry space.  The refrigerator is counter-depth with the water dispenser inside.  Even though there is less cubic feet than our other fridge it just seems much more spacious.  I knew that the double oven would come in handy here and there, but I have already utilized both ovens several times.  I have yet to try the convection baking feature.  
So far, love the gas cooktop!  And I think the hood looks pretty slick as well.  To the left and right of the cooktop are pullout spice racks.  I love all of new space, so I don't have to have as much sitting out on the countertops.  I have organized the kitchen now so everything is in a place that makes sense.  And that in itself makes me happy.  ;)