Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer At Last!

Every week I make a "To Do" list for the whole week, broken down by day.  This includes workouts, meals, things on the calendar, and then all of the random stuff that needs/or I want to be done.  Unfortunately "Update Blog" is always one of the only things to not be crossed off at the end of the week because there's always something else to do.  Not this week, my friends! 

So what HAVE we been up to for the past 2 months?  Well, aside from waiting for the temperature to stay consistently above 70 degrees, a lot of traveling.  So much so that we really need to buy a little IPad holder or something to put over the seat in the car so CJ has something to keep him happier on trips.  He's great for an hour or two, but after that every toy ends up on the floor with a "Uh Oh! Drop it!"  We made several day trips to Pennsylvania in May to visit family and unfortunately mourn the loss of my Grandmother.  Kevin and I made our yearly trip down to Charlottesville for Foxfield Weekend to catch up with my Pep Band friends.  The weekend after CJ and I drove up to Syracuse and after dropping him at the inlaws I continued to Rochester where I met up with Kev and watched him perform with his old college acapella group, Eight Beat Measure.  Finally, at the end of May, we spent the week in Nags Head with my parents.  I'm glad that we have had a bit of a reprieve this month, and only have a few things on the horizon over the next few months.  Sometimes it's just nice to have some weekends at home! 
Nags Head

Foxfield Weekend

In the car again

Eight Beat Measure Alumni

CJ has been talking up a storm now, and we can actually hold somewhat of a conversation with him.  It usually consists of:

CJ:  Do you hear the birds?
Me:  Yes I DO hear the birds.
CJ:  Chirp chirp!  Do you see the moon?
Me:  The moon comes out in the nighttime.  It's daytime.
CJ:  Sun in the daytime.  Moon in the nighttime. Have fun at the beach?  Have fun at the bridge? (he means pier) Have fun at the tractor?  Have fun at the playground?  Have fun pick strawberries? 
Me:  Yes, we did have fun [at all of that].  Stop hitting mommy. 
CJ:  That's rude.  That's bad.  Say sorry. 
Me:  Yes, you should say you're sorry. 
CJ:  Want to play with Thomas?  Okay.  Want ice cream please?  Okay.
Me:  Sure. 

It's so awesome that he is becoming observant, and remembering things that we do throughout the day.  He also is remembering names of friends, and calls all of the grandparents by name (well, sort of.  He calls them all grandma).  I love that CJ actually is having fun at the things we do instead of just being along for the ride.  We have started going to Great Country Farms again every week to pick up our CSA box and so far this year so he has loved picking strawberries and riding on the tractor.  Last year he would just glare at me from the stroller.  I have been finding lots of things to do in the mornings, but the one thing we have not utilized yet is the pool.  Hopefully soon!
Strawberry picking

Although typically CJ is very well behaved (we can still take him out to dinner and as long as he sits in a high chair, we're good) we still are starting to experience toddler behavior (aka hitting, screaming, spitting, throwing, some tantrums).  I know it's normal, but still annoying.  Today in I had to push the grocery cart with my arms stretched out to dodge CJ's smacks.  

Yesterday was Father's Day and as we did last year, our family of 3 drove to Annapolis for crabs and a nice walk along the waterfront.  We went to Cantler's Riverside Inn for lunch first as it is a few miles away from "downtown."  CJ ate his first crab cake!  Kevin and I shared snow crab legs, and then I had a crab cake sandwich and Kev had the crab melt.  The wait, even to just park, is definitely worth it!  We then had a nice afternoon at the waterfront where we watched people on a boat trick kayakers with a remote control alligator, ate some yummy ice cream, and looked longingly at the people relaxing at a waterfront bar (CJ is good, but not sit in a high chair for 3 hours while mommy and daddy have a few drinks and people watch good :) ).  Seriously though, a great day to celebrate a great daddy.