Friday, September 26, 2014

What's Been Going On?

Recently, some family members have mentioned my blog and wondered what happened to it.  Sadly, while I enjoy writing and keeping all that care to read it up to date, other things always get pushed ahead of it.  Believe me, in the past year, I have had A LOT to write about.  My last post was June 17, 2013 and little did I know that exactly one year later would be the birthday of our second child, Summer Juliana!  All you have to do is just a little bit of Facebook stalking to know about the pregnancy, me getting involved with Wildtree, Kevin starting a new job, the birth of Summer, the absolute Hell of potty training, etc.  There were many mornings where I would come up with a great blog post while in the shower, but just like everything else that pops into my head at that time, it goes right out when I step out of the stall and so none of the posts were written.  So what happened?

Mother's Day at the OBX- and I still had over a month of pregnancy left

TOO MUCH.  Probably what I really would have like to write about when it was happening was how I just said "yes" too much.  Some people (Kevin) thrive on having tons of stuff going on.  I was always one to participate in one major activity and spend my time with that other than having a ton of extracurriculars and splitting my time.  This time last year I was working on a Pearson project, the MOMS Club President, and just joining Wildtree while also keeping busy with CJ.  We would try to get out every morning and then I would do "my stuff" during the afternoon while he was napping.  It was just too much for me- I felt like I couldn't spend enough time doing anything right.  Then, I found out I was pregnant and shortly after starting having some issues along with normal first trimester nausea.  Without getting into gory details, I had to put some things on hold so I could take care of me and the baby, and for the first time I was okay with that.  Relative to my pregnancy with CJ this one was a bit harder- even after the earlier issues resolved I was uncomfortable a lot earlier, swollen earlier (the pregnancy ended with mild pre-eclampsia), and just overall in much more of a funk.  The freezing winter could have also had something to do with that too.  The recovery time after having Summer was longer than with CJ and life with a newborn and a potty training 3 year old was not easy.  But, I am happy to say that life is much more under control now than it has for a year I would say! 
These two.  I can't even.

So now that I feel more motivated and energized during the day (and am not nursing a baby around the clock) I am hoping to regularly update this blog.  We'll see how it goes, but I will keep it the same with family updates, recipes, and other topics that I come up with while taking a shower.  :) Have a good weekend! 
Summer's baptism last weekend.  Not sure what CJ was doing that was so amusing.