Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hey! Wake up!

This week through our CSA we got TONS of apples.  Aren't they beautiful?  Even though it is still 85-feels like 100-degrees outside I am ready for fall baking and comfort food in general.

Problem is, I have a pair of jeans.  Lucky Brand Jeans.  Pre-pregnancy.  That actually fit me as good as American Eagle Jeans, but none of my students pointed to them saying that they were wearing the same pair.  After being so disciplined with working out and Weightwatchers during the winter and spring I got to the point where I could put these jeans on again and even button them, but they did not look good.  It was okay, though, I had all summer to lose some more weight and probably wouldn't really need pants until late September.  And then we went on vacation at the end of June.  After we returned, the excuses started. 

When I was working, I couldn't go to the gym until after work because the alarm clock already went off at 5 AM.  I used to say after having a hard day and just waving to the gym as I drove straight home that I would be so much more consistent if I could go before work.  Now, "work" does not technically start until 8 AM.  I have plenty of time to work out before the little man wakes up! 

Who wants to run outside when it is already 80 degrees with 100% humidity at 6:30 AM though?  I stayed up late the night before to catch up on Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef and you should really get at least 7 hours of sleep a night to stay healthy ... the excuses go on and on.  I tried a gym class later in the day once, but apparently CJ would rather not play with a bunch of new toys in a new place.  (Read- the warmup during cycling class wasn't even finished but "CJ's Mom" was already called to fetch her screaming baby).  Having fresh produce every week has helped us eat better, but I certainly have not been strict with WeightWatchers after gorging on treats in the Adirondacks. 

So, I have 2 weeks until I am going to the beach, and who knows when I will need jeans.  Time for the excuses to stop.  I WILL start getting up early, maybe even making that 5:30 AM strength training class.  Or at least getting out more consistently for a run or bike ride.  I can't say I won't cook or bake with apples and pumpkins, but I'm going to find healthy recipes and keep the treats at a minimum.  If I write it here, I have to live up to my word, right?

Anyone have some healthy fall recipes they would like to share? 

On a parenting note, does anyone have any suggestions to get past separation anxiety?   CJ would rather have a complete stranger come to our house and watch him than me drop him off at a friend's house.  Don't even think about a non-familiar place, such as a gym nursery that will come get you after 10 minutes of crying.  I think I know the answer- either drop him off somewhere and let some poor soul deal with him for several hours until he can handle the separation, or "this too shall pass."  I'm sure, as with many situations, I will be thinking the latter.  

I know, sometimes I just don't make sense

But since I'm so darn cute, who cares?