Monday, November 7, 2011


First, I want to lead off this post with CJ's Halloween picture-
how cute is that?  Halloween took on a new dimension this year with having our own cute one to show off at the Halloween parade. (Leesburg's is the oldest Halloween Parade on the East Coast!  Who knew?)  Then Kevin took him around trick or treating for about 20 minutes so our neighbors could see the duckie (read: get us some candy ;) )  Halloween is Kevin's favorite holiday and it seems like people in our town really know how to celebrate it.  About a block from our house stands an old mansion that is professionally turned into a haunted house.  This year was the second year it was done, and man did it scare the crap out of us, especially in the basement!  There are also a lot of people that decorate their houses like Christmastime as well.  I think we may have to add a little bit more than pumpkins and mums next year. 
CJ agrees. 

CJ had his 4 month well-baby appointment this week, he is getting so big!  He is about 14lbs, 11 oz and 25 and a quarter inches.  His last urine sample came back negative, thank God!  We still need to follow up with the nephrologist, but we are thinking more and more that the culprit were these urine crystals.  It's nice to rest easy, but we still our anxious for full closure.  What a month!!
We probably aren't giving him enough tummy time (it seems to trigger a massive spit-up) but he is lifting himself higher and higher.  I think he soon will be rolling over.

After what seemed like forever, the leaves have finally all changed as they started falling off the trees.  A street in our neighborhood usually is just lined with red in October- and I finally noticed the change while on a walk this week. 
Speaking of leaves, bring on the raking!  I guess I can't use the pregnancy excuse this year and have to help.  But first, I decided to do a little photo shoot with the baby out in our yard.  He didn't smile for any picture because he was too enthralled with looking up and eating leaves- but I did get some great shots.  I'm sure one of them will end up on our holiday card.  

 Kevin was away in Chicago speaking at a conference the latter half of the week (way to go Kevin!) so I was definitely looking forward to having some adult time during the weekend.  We saw a bunch of our friends from UVA, hung out, ate, and watched football.  We got a great shot (although I am not liking my phone's camera) of Pete and Alison's kids Liam and Ann-Marie and CJ.  Notice how CJ is sporting the orange and blue.  Go Hoos!!!  Yay for being bowl eligible!  
 Finally, yesterday we went to Pumpkinville at the Leesburg Animal Park with some more friends.  CJ didn't really know what was going on, but it was a great time anyway.  I'm looking forward to him getting excited about seeing the animals and wanting to jump in the moon bounce and ride down the slide in a few years.  I guess for now I'll be amused by Kevin's excitement about riding down the slide.  :)


  1. That's a pretty great picture of us at Pumpkinville! If you've got any other good ones, send em my way :)

  2. That picture of all three of them is so cute. The first thing Liam said when he woke up the next morning was "Baby CJ, get in carseat!"