Sunday, October 30, 2011

Out of the Loop

I was right about one of the aspects of my job that Iwould miss when staying at home- and that was the people I worked with.  After going to two happy hours with two different groups of friends and then hearing about college friends congregating in Charlottesville for a wedding I feel more out of the loop than ever.  Yes, I did attend some happy hours.  But I attended them with CJ in tow and of course it just wasn't the same.  While everyone was chatting away and planning their weekends I was trying to find a good place for CJ's car seat so I could rock him to sleep.  Or, I was listening behind everyone as I gave CJ a bottle.  As cute and well-behaved as the little man is, he does have a limit and will inevitably start to fuss.  I don't want to be a downer and make everyone feel uncomfortable when my baby starts to cry, even when the happy hour is at a family friendly restaurant.  So maybe these aren't great outlets to catch up with friends.  Again, I knew things were going to change, but I still thought I would be able to have a sliver of cake and eat it too.

CJ and I have already started making friends through the MOM's group, so even though the environment of the outings will be different (i.e. instead of bar area of restaurant, storyroom at the library) I will still get some of the adult interaction that is really needed.  The bonus is that these women also will be able to empathize with being a new mom and the many many joys, but also difficulties and life changes that it brings. 

Here are many of the pictures I have taken for my project in the past week or so- by the way, CJ's last urinalysis was negative!  Still need to talk to the nephrologist about the results, but it's looking more and more like the pink in the diaper was caused by urate crystals.  Phew. 

CJ facing front in the Baby Bjorn
First time in the bumbo seat

What little color change we have had

Candy Corn Popcorn Balls I made for the Mom's Club Halloween party

Loving the bumbo seat and Curious George

Chicken and ham sandwich with artichoke sundried tomato spread on pumpkin focaccia


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  1. You have taken so many great pictures that I just want to print them all for my desk, but that would be a bit much I suppose. Sorry you're feeling out of the loop, let's have some people over soon. I'm also happy to watch him some evening so you can do dinner and a movie with friends.