Friday, October 7, 2011

It's October!

Have I mentioned how much it's rained in September?  Well, to refresh your memory, we've had a whole lot of freakin' rain.  This did not used to bother me much since I would be stuck in a classroom anyway during the week and welcomed the opportunity to be lazy and read on the weekend (provided we had nothing outdoorsy planned of course).  Now, the weeks of gloominess just got down right depressing.  Errands kept getting put off because who likes to take a baby out in the rain?  Not this chick.  However, I made the best of the crappy weather by using it as an excuse to truly get into the fall spirit.  I was so busy on these rainy days getting stuff done around the house along with taking care of the baby that I felt I was accomplishing more than if I was working!  Too bad I don't get paid for decorating the house and entertaining family! 

We invited Kevin's cousins over to meet CJ and I made Pumpkin Orange Cake.  It looks pretty here, but once we cut into it the icing slid off.  Weird.
I even dressed CJ up in a cute Halloween onesie.  Unfortunately, we have learned the hard way that he is ready for Size 2 diapers because he is now in the habit of pooping up and out.  This majority-white garment has been a victim twice now. 

Sunday only made it to a damp 48 degrees, so we spent the day watching football in front of the first fire of the season.  Kevin also got me a pumpkin tree (who knew???) to round out my fall decor.  I have it sitting next to a candy dish full of candy corn that I also think is very decorative- but with my dad here working on one of his properties it is not lasting very long...

Finally!!! Tuesday the sun came out and the weather was mild.  For the first time in what seemed like a month, CJ and I could take a walk outside.  We even noticed more signs of fall- the leaves have started to turn. 

We even picked out some mums and pumpkins at Meadows Farms.  Yes, I did prop him up on some pumpkins, and yes he did almost fall over into the hay.  Yes, his cute Peanuts Great Pumpkin onesie had poop on it so that's why CJ is sadly not dressed in Halloween attire.  Next year these pictures will be so much easier to take and I won't look like such an idiot and bad mother trying to pose the baby.  Unless, of course, CJ won't sit still for 10 seconds.  Then I'll just be a bad mother for yelling at him to plop his rear end down.  :)

This past week I even found time to attend my first MOMS Club event- Cooking Club- with the theme of apples.  I met some really nice ladies, and am excited to get more involved.  One of Kevin's worries about me staying at home was that I was going to get bored, but I definitely am not.  I am busily enjoying fall more than I ever have.   


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  1. This really captures the feel of fall, and what a special one this fall is!