Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CJ's First Happy Hour

We had another busy day today!  First, in the morning, CJ had his 2 month well baby appointment.  He is doing so well!  12lbs, 1 oz and 23.5 inches- a growing boy!  He also had his shots which of course was not fun.  He was well behaved the rest of the day, though, which was extra nice since it was my birthday.  Although we were not able to keep up the tradition of going to the Melting Pot for dinner on my birthday (it's just a little too intimate for fussy babies) I still had a yummy dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger.  I seriously love the milkshake I got- double chocolate mixed with mint oreo.  If I couldn't have cheese and chocolate fondue, this was a good replacement. 

Kevin's coworkers were also having a happy hour which I jumped at the chance to join.  No, I wasn't craving a drink (we have a plethora of alcoholic beverages at home if need be) but it's just nice to get out and socialize.  I am not super desperate yet for adult interaction- but that is one thing I miss from work so far and can tell will be a growing need as the days pass.  I actually have started the process of joining the Mom's Group of Leesburg so more on that later!

My pictures today are CJ sitting next to a beer and showing 2 types of emotions.  We'll see what he thinks of these pics in 21 (?) years. 


  1. I think the first picture is before I told him the beer wasn't for him, which is what the second picture captures. Any son of mine should be showing a serious interest in a good Oktoberfest at this age.

  2. BTW - this picture made my page (not like it's premium inventory).