Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy Day

So it is 10:13 PM and I finally now have time to write this post.  Keeping up with this project is going to be harder than I thought!  It doesn't help that I thought of the perfect picture for today, but when we got to the spot I realized my camera's battery was dead.  Sigh. 

Then I looked down at CJ's feet.  Today I put on his Spiderman socks and they are so cute on his tiny feet!  I have included two pictures- one where I actually was able to take a picture of his still feet, and one where you can tell he was kicking.  At this point he is kicking so much- it's so cute when he is laying in his Pack n Play watching his mobile, but not so cute when I am holding and trying to calm him so he will go to sleep.  I think many days I spend a total time of at least 2 hours trying to relax CJ- even more if you count when Kevin does it at night.  We both use different ways of initially calming him.  I will dance with CJ-  he prefers the Black Eyed Peas.  Kevin does squats and walking lunges with him.  I tried doing squats with him once, but I could only do 10 at one time.  That does not quiet a screaming baby, so I think I'm going to stick to Fergie and Will.I.Am.

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